Becoming an industry authority starts here.

Forget constantly stressing about creating content and getting it in front of the right people.  We turn your expertise and insight into authority … and all you have to do is talk.


Isn't it time to ascend the ranks of your industry?

In over two decades of working with subject matter experts, we've designed the perfect thought leadership extraction system, where we get your best ideas out of your brain and onto paper.

In our sessions, all you have to do is talk. You never have to think about new topics or what to say -- we do all that for you.

This bulletproof system builds your authority in three precise areas:



You have something to say. We get granular about your content so there's no doubt you have the X factor.



We catch the attention of your best potential clients AND other industry leaders.



We craft messaging, copy, and content that your target audience will gravitate to.

1. Talk
2. Gain authority
3. Repeat

How We Go From Conversation to Content

After 20 years in this business, I've learned a few hacks along the way. One is that the best content ideas come from relaxed conversations. When all clients have to do is talk about various aspects of their life's work without the pressure to get the words exactly right or to be interesting every second, they weave everything we need into the chat.

We use that conversation to generate authority content - in your voice.

The conversation → content → publish cycle can be repeated as many times as you like. (In fact, our in-house name for this process is the Infinite Interview.)

It doesn't take long to develop a formidable arsenal of thought leadership content. Then, when potential clients search for you on Google or LinkedIn, what will they find?

Yup, authority gold.



When you showed us the first draft, we were shocked and relieved.  All the abstract things we had discussed all came together, and it was better than we imagined.  We said to each other, ‘Oh yeah, she gets us.’

-Kasey, marketing director

Every time I send out a marketing email that you wrote, someone contacts us.  It’s by far the most lucrative marketing activity we engage in.

-Jeff, corporate trainer

You knew what we were trying to accomplish, and you took our ideas and found a way to make them work to achieve your goals. You honored our vision and made it better.

-Bob, entrepreneur

Kari has an amazing intuitive method of finding the message you are trying to deliver with an exceptional ability to arrange and polish your fragmented thoughts into the perfect phrases your readers will lean in to absorb.

-Amy, social services strategist

Kari Matthews is just brilliant ... She listens and sifts through what does and does not work, then focuses in on the resources that you do have, makes recommendations on what else may be needed and produces the outcome you want.

-Marc, hypnotherapist

Get a Word In Edgewise has been a lifesaver for me. Kari interviewed me about who I served and what I did for people ... She is a master of messaging and will help anyone who is privileged to work with her to get their truth out to the world and make their biggest mark with their life.

-Kathleen, corporate coach

Kari conducted interviews, read research of mine and created a wonderful and interactive website, along with many other media materials that exceeded all my expectations. In the flooded field of media and marketing Kari Matthews is one-of-a-kind!

-Mamie, project manager

Kari can take a jumbled mess of ideas and produce an organized, culturally relevant publication or product. One of her letters used for soliciting donations on behalf of a previous non-profit agency where I was employed doubled our donations year over year, which was an incredibly high bar to reach and well over what we anticipated. Highly recommend!

-Lucas, executive director

I utilized Kari for a speech writing project and she was excellent. I recommend Kari for any business writing needs or executive coaching.

-Michael, owner & president

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